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Panama Grs Recycled Zippered Tote Bag 20l

Screenprint Price Includes: Print to one position, all setup costs and carriage to one UK mainland address
Plain Stock Price Includes: Carriage to one UK mainland address
Alternative Branding Methods Available: Embroidery
Recommended Branding Method: Screenprint - Maximum Branding Area: 300 x 250 mm
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Quantity Discount (%) Price per unit
50 - 99 £4.35
100 - 249 8.28 % £3.99
250 - 499 10.11 % £3.91
500 - 999 16.78 % £3.62
1,000 - 2,499 17.93 % £3.57
2,500+ 17.93 % £3.57

Prices are exclusive of VAT and are subject to change


Made from water-repellent 600D RPET, the Panama GRS recycled zippered tote bag is a perfect and sustainable multi-purpose bag for going to an event, to the beach, or to use for grocery shopping. It features a zippered main compartment, and a zipper pocket inside big enough to hold your phone as well as other valuable belongings. The handles are 34 cm long and therefore the tote bag is easy to carry over the shoulder. Resistance up to 10 kg weight. PVC free. 600D of GRS certified recycled polyester.

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Seller reserves the right to charge interest of 2.5% monthly on all accounts that remain unsettled within our terms of trading.


The best results are achieved using original artwork of high quality. Please check with our Sales office to ensure artwork is received in the correct format for your personalisation or see our artwork specifications link. A proof will be supplied prior to personalisation of the goods.

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The best results are achieved using original artwork of high quality. Please check with our Sales office to ensure artwork is received in the correct format for your personalisation. A proof will be supplied prior to personalisation of the goods.

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Digital UV Printing and Digital Printing 360 – When you have a complex logo or image that has lots of different colours or fades in it Digital Printing can be a great way to make sure the details are shown at a high quality. It is done by placing the product under a full-colour digital printer where the imprint is printed directly onto the product. The image is created by firing multiple dots onto the printable surface, combined they create the image.

Digital printing 360 can be used on cylindrical items such as glass, plastic and metal bottles, where the product can be printed all the way round creating a wraparound effect.

Debossing/Embossing – Is a popular technique for marking products made of leather, PU or cardboard. The logo is first engraved into a stamp that then creates a unique look by stamping into the material leaving behind a raised or sunken imprint of your logo. The material must be thick enough to withstand the pressure of the machine and the surface must be even and flat.

Doming – Doming is a great way to show off your brand! The process is a full colour printed sticker that is then filled with Epoxy which hardens to maintain the shape, providing a strong scratch resistant surface that protects the branding from damage and fading.

Embroidery – Embroidery is a classic technique where multiple stitches are combined to create the logo or image. It is a very popular technique with products such as caps, textiles, or bags. A special embroidery file is created, which contains all the details of the work and settings for the machine. The item is put under a large sewing machine for the needles to translate the embroider file to stitches on the fabric.

Screen Printing and Screen Printing 360 – Screen printing is a technique whereby a mesh with tiny holes has ink pushed through to transfer ink onto the item. A stencil is used to block certain parts to create the shape of the logo or image. One colour is printed at a time, so several screens are used to create a multi-coloured image or logo. After printing the item is placed in a drying tunnel to cure the ink to the item.

With Screen Printing 360 the same technique is applied to a cylindrical item and the item is slightly rotated which results in a round screen print.

Transfer Printing – With Transfer Printing the image is first printed onto a special silicon-based paper instead of directly onto the item. Each colour Is printed one by one, on a white base. After each colour it is left to dry/cure. After all the colours are printed an adhesive powder is applied. A heat press is then used to fuse the Transfer to the item.

Digital Transfer Printing – This is one of the most popular printing methods for full colour logos and designs that result in photographic quality. First the Digital (CMYK) colours are printed onto a paper roll then a white layer is printed over the colours and glue is added so that the print can be adhered to the product. The transfer image is then applied using pressure and heat. Leaving you with an impressive quality print.

Laser Engraving and Laser Engraving 360 – Laser engraving can be applied to items made from organic material such as wood, glass, rubber and metals. Laser engraving leaves the product with a precise, clean, permanent and luxurious image or logo. A digital image is sent to the laser engraving machine. With either a Fibre laser or a CO2 laser the top layer of the material will be ‘burned’ away, leaving behind the logo The 360 Laser Engraving can be used on cylindrical items.

Sublimation – Sublimation is a digital print technique where you can print full coloured images onto white, hard surfaces or polyester coated items. First an image or logo is printed on sublimation paper with full colour (CMYK) printing. The sheets are then applied to the product using pressure and heat. During this process the ink changes from solid to gas particles which will penetrate the surface of the item. Once cooled, the ink is fixed within the surface or coating of the item.

Pad Printing – Pad printing is a technique where silicone stamps are used to print the logo onto the item. With this technique you achieve a sharper finish and perfect colour matching (PMS) is achievable. Pad printing is the most used printing technique, like screen printing each colour must be printed separately.

Ethical Sourcing Statement

HG Merchandise Limited t/a PG Branding, is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and we believe the best method of meeting this commitment is to build a strong relationship with likeminded suppliers that share PG Brandings values, ethical standards and agree to our standards of business conduct. This principle is also extended to everyone along the supply chain, including employees and sub-contractors.

  • The use of child labour is not acceptable. Employees, within the factories, must meet the minimum legal working age and must not be less than 15 years of age, whichever is the greater.
  • Discrimination against an individual or a group as a result of colour, race, religion, gender, nationality, age, maternity or marital status is not acceptable.
  • The exploitation of an individual or group is not acceptable.
  • The use of any form of physical abuse to intimidate or discipline workers is not acceptable. Additionally, the use of non-physical abuse, for example, threat of violence, sexual harassment or verbal abuse is also not acceptable.
  • The use of forced labour or involuntary labour of any kind is not acceptable.
  • Workers must be allowed to lawfully join or organise associations (providing organisations are legal in their own country) and employers must not penalise or interfere with the workers lawful efforts to do so.
  • Working hours / days, wages, over-time pay and holiday pay must be in compliance with all local laws and must meet the legal minimum wage or a wage that meets local industry standards, whichever is greater.
  • Suppliers must ensure that all working premises comply with all applicable laws regarding working conditions, worker health and safety, fire safety, sanitation, risk protection, electrical and structural safety.
  • Suppliers disciplinary procedures must be fair towards the employee and documented for the future reference.
  • Suppliers are encouraged to promote employee training and education to ensure and promote a greater understanding of their jobs and safety within their working environment.

As a condition of working with PG Branding all suppliers must comply with the above statements. If a supplier is found to have violated the policy PG Branding may require the supplier to implement corrective action or may terminate the business relationship.